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How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume


Jason Wachob

Jason Wachob is the Founder and CEO of the Blog MINDBODYGREEN.  In his book he talks about creating more Wellness instead of Wealth. That life should be more than just about money, but living a life that incorporates a lifestyle of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

The book chapter are broken down just like the website. I have been a subscriber  to the website for years.  So I knew the book would be something I would want to read. Eat.Move.Work.Believe.Explore.Breathe.Connect.Love.Heal.Thank.Ground.Live.Laugh.

Jason Wachob name these as the “building blocks of wellth”. This book is part memoir and prescriptive advice.  I actually enjoyed the personal life stories I felt were full of honesty.  The book will show you a way to have a more fuller and happier life.  This is the type of book that you can always refer back to. The author says to use this book as a guide to help you with your journey to a better life.  Wellth has a wealth of information that you can’t buy.  Who doesn’t want a more healthier and meaningful life.

Check out the website for yourself:


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by Dani DiPirro

This is a little book that has a lot of quotes, fresh insights an activities that motivate and that helps cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Some of the quotes in this book are:

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust French novelist (1871-1922)

“Write down one memory you are truly thankful to have within your heart.”

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” Alphonse Karr French writer (1808-1890)

I started a quote book over a year ago, some of the quotes were new to me and some were not.  Having a book of quotes can help you when you have a rough day. I pull the book out when I am having a hard day and sit it on my desk to a quote that I can read and meditate on through out my day. For people who are looking for ways to stay grateful this book is for you.

I received a free ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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Life is Real

Life is Real


Getting Real About Jesus and Our Messy Lives

by Daniel Fusco with D.R. Jacobsen

Honesty is a journey through the book of Ephesians.  Daniel Fusco shares two thoughts with us, one God is Real and the other is Life is Messy.    Daniel Fusco is a lead pastor of Crossroad Community Church in Vancouver, Washington.

Daniel Fusco uses the four-parts in A Love Supreme, by John Coltrane to speak about our messy lives. The parts of Love Supreme are: Acknowledgement, Resolution, Pursuance, and Psalms.

This book is about going through the messiness of life by first acknowledging that we have mess.  Whether in our relationships, family, job or church we all have lives that are filled with junk.  Daniel Fusco tells us that the remedy for the mess is God’s grace and God’s peace.  By God’s grace and  peace we can find resolution by putting away our old lives and living a new life as a Christian.  We can’t get around the messiness in our lives without Jesus.  We have to pursue a relationship with God which takes conversation. Prayer and Praise together is the key. We should pray when  life gives us lemon and pray when we are given lemonade. We need to walk on the road God is calling us to walk, a path that he has prepared and equipped  for us. In the section Psalms, it is about love, Love Supreme the perfect love.  The love that God gives us.  The love we give our family, friends, and yes enemies.

This book was provided to me free from the publisher through the Tyndale review blogger program. I was not required to write a positive review and, the opinions I have expressed are my own. As a person who has a been through the good and bad of life.  Life is real. I could appreciate the author’s real approach to live.

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Your New Money Mindset

images (1)Your New Money Mindset

Create A Healthy Relationship with Money

Co-author Brad Hewitt CEO of Thrivent Financial

James Moline Licensed Psychologist

A New Money Mindset is a Christian book about generosity. The authors believe if we as Christian’s can manage our money better, then in turn we can maximize our giving. The book talks about us sharing not just money but our time, energy, wisdom, talents, attention, empathy, compassion and self.  We should find ways to bless others, even when we feel we don’t have enough money to do so.  Many people will not give because they are waiting on getting enough money. When we believe God will supply all our needs, we don’t have to wait in order to give. The books states that our mindset around money cause us to believe more “money” or “stuff” is the answer to our problems.  In order to assess your money mindset we need to know where we are, before we can get to know where we are going.

The book uses fictional characters Ryan and Aylcia to demonstrate one couples unhealthy relationship with money.  They both want a better life and who can blame them. They are hard workers who only want the best for their family.  Ryan and Aylcia continues to spend more and more even afraid that their world will come crashing down around them. Fear and uneasiness is what happens when we live beyond our means.

The book starts off talking about our money problems.  Our culture makes it impossible for any of us to be content.  Every year a new iPhone, iPad or iSomething comes out.  It is hard stand on the sidelines watching everyone else run around trying to have more. Our kids if they go to college they get out saddle with debt and have to get a job to start paying the money back so they start out way behind and only with determination will they catch up or if they don’t go to college they end up behind with low paying jobs.

Most people long for security, no one wants to struggle. Feeling security comes from planning by taking a look at our lives and make a right practical decision. Having a strategy in place to overcome life fears and worrying by trusting in God. This books goes over the strategies in the chapter Living in Freedom by have a rich relationship with God.

Consumerism is “our desire to acquire more for ourselves when we already have enough”. The book states it is our obsession about money and all it can buy. The authors explain no matter where we are on the socioeconomic ladder, all of us can thrive right now–personally as a family and as a part of a community.  The ripple effects of sharing that we have enough for ourselves and enough to share.

Thrivent Financial came up with five distinct attitudes people hold toward money.  The 5Ss are Surviving, Struggling, Stable, Secure, and Surplus. Surplus is where everyone wants to be. The authors state that always wanting more and more and keeping all for ourselves has not made us happy or brought joy into our lives.  I found the book to be an easy read, what I got out of the book is that if I was smart with my money, resource and time, I could give in order to help someone else.  The book was an easy ready and had some valid points about finances and giving.

This book was provided to me free from the publisher through the Tyndale review blogger program. I was not required to write a positive review and, the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Creating a Better Life for Yourself


The third metric to redefining success and creating a life of well-being, wisdom and wonder.Thrive

Arianna Huffington

When I came across this book I couldn’t wait to read it.  Arianna Huffington talks about the day she had a wake up call and knew she needed to change her life.  Her wake up call came with broken cheekbone and a nasty gash over her eye cause by a fall brought on by exhaustion and lack of sleep.

Money and Power has been the traditional success metric. Huffington compares this to a 3-legged stool where money and power are two legs and cannot stand with out the third.  Third leg of this metric is well-being, wisdom and wonder.  Huffington spells out how we can redefine our lives by creating a life of wisdom and wonder.  Most of this we all have read in other books, but it is good to hear it again as a reminder that we need to treat ourselves as number one.

We are so plugged in to electronic these days that we sometimes forget to be in the moment, take care of ourselves, be grateful, exercise, listen to the tiny voice within and giving. When our love ones
are talking to us, oftentimes we are there physically but not mentally.  We spend a lot of time on our cell phones, keeping up with our friends on Facebook or working 60 hours a week. We don’t always have time for the important things.

Life is short and we should enjoy every moment of the journey. Chasing money and power shouldn’t be the only things in life you are chasing.  A balance needs to be in place so we can enjoy the important things in life.

This book was provided to me free from the publisher through the Blogging For Books review blogger program. I was not required to write a positive review and, the opinions I have expressed are my own.





Encouragement for Difficult Days

Warren W. Wiersbe

Warren W. Wiersbe bio states he is a Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and has pastored churches in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. He is the author of more that 150 books.

This book has 30 chapter you can use as a devotional.  The book is about those difficult days.  We all go through problems and difficult times.  What do we do when we have bumps on the path of life? The book offers comfort for the times you go through depression, frustration, and hard times.It is uplifting and encouraging. Wiersbe uses the Bible to extract wisdom it guides you to respond with faith.

The Bumps Are What You Climb on will help you find joy, contentment, teach you how to trust in God and how to reap the benefits of forgiveness. This book is a book that I will read more than once or twice.  It is truly a gem.