Your New Money Mindset

06 Nov

images (1)Your New Money Mindset

Create A Healthy Relationship with Money

Co-author Brad Hewitt CEO of Thrivent Financial

James Moline Licensed Psychologist

A New Money Mindset is a Christian book about generosity. The authors believe if we as Christian’s can manage our money better, then in turn we can maximize our giving. The book talks about us sharing not just money but our time, energy, wisdom, talents, attention, empathy, compassion and self.  We should find ways to bless others, even when we feel we don’t have enough money to do so.  Many people will not give because they are waiting on getting enough money. When we believe God will supply all our needs, we don’t have to wait in order to give. The books states that our mindset around money cause us to believe more “money” or “stuff” is the answer to our problems.  In order to assess your money mindset we need to know where we are, before we can get to know where we are going.

The book uses fictional characters Ryan and Aylcia to demonstrate one couples unhealthy relationship with money.  They both want a better life and who can blame them. They are hard workers who only want the best for their family.  Ryan and Aylcia continues to spend more and more even afraid that their world will come crashing down around them. Fear and uneasiness is what happens when we live beyond our means.

The book starts off talking about our money problems.  Our culture makes it impossible for any of us to be content.  Every year a new iPhone, iPad or iSomething comes out.  It is hard stand on the sidelines watching everyone else run around trying to have more. Our kids if they go to college they get out saddle with debt and have to get a job to start paying the money back so they start out way behind and only with determination will they catch up or if they don’t go to college they end up behind with low paying jobs.

Most people long for security, no one wants to struggle. Feeling security comes from planning by taking a look at our lives and make a right practical decision. Having a strategy in place to overcome life fears and worrying by trusting in God. This books goes over the strategies in the chapter Living in Freedom by have a rich relationship with God.

Consumerism is “our desire to acquire more for ourselves when we already have enough”. The book states it is our obsession about money and all it can buy. The authors explain no matter where we are on the socioeconomic ladder, all of us can thrive right now–personally as a family and as a part of a community.  The ripple effects of sharing that we have enough for ourselves and enough to share.

Thrivent Financial came up with five distinct attitudes people hold toward money.  The 5Ss are Surviving, Struggling, Stable, Secure, and Surplus. Surplus is where everyone wants to be. The authors state that always wanting more and more and keeping all for ourselves has not made us happy or brought joy into our lives.  I found the book to be an easy read, what I got out of the book is that if I was smart with my money, resource and time, I could give in order to help someone else.  The book was an easy ready and had some valid points about finances and giving.

This book was provided to me free from the publisher through the Tyndale review blogger program. I was not required to write a positive review and, the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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